Software cannot exist for itself, its purpose is not to be just a program or package, but every bit of it should have a business purpose. The business need not be a money-making business, but any establishment that uses software. This weblog is an effort to align business interests with software concerns and methodologies.

I have been working as a software professional for 8+ years. Read more about me here. I have learnt that every business should be convinced about the ROI in software. To be able to do this, the focus should be on the maximum benefit to the business, rather than on just technical expertise. As much as necessary it is for software professionals to realise this, the business should also appreciate this fact and participate whole heartedly to enable this.

I have named my establishment iface Consulting. iface is a shortform for interface, the enabler of communication. Everything we interact with today has an interface, sometimes more than one – which is what makes it so dynamic. iface Consulting aims at developing software for business, by design. The focus is on the business and its benefits. This does not undermine the technical challenge involved, but uses technology as a means to achieve benefits for the business.

This weblog however, is not merely a business interest, it is my identity, my understanding of the software world. It is my interface to learn from the world and share my knowledge with it. My attempts to express myself have kindled the desire to write, so keep checking this website for my thoughts on software and its applications.

Copyright Abhijit Nadgouda.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Abhijit Nadgouda Says:

    Hi Radhika & Bhushan,

    I have moved your comment to a more appropriate post – OO Design Principles. Let us continue the discussion there.

  2. vinu Says:

    could meet and have a chat sometime??

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