This is something I noticed in two of my recent conversations about blogging. One of the attendees of my OOP training asked me that he wanted to form an archive of his own understandings. I said, of course, start a blog. When he asked me where, that is where I realised that I had stopped mentioning explicitly. I had stopped thinking about other places where a blog can be started, was implied. It offers so many things that other options seem inferior.

For starters, it is based on the excellent blogging platform WordPress, has excellent hosting quality, managed by the small-yet-efficient team of Automattic and has a lot of themes to choose from. The only other option is to host your blog by yourself where you have to arrange for your own domain name and hosting. It lets you focus on writing and not worry about a lot of other things like getting overloaded or backup. It pulls technology out of your way. I realised this when I moved my blog to self host it. The reasons behind that move included experiments and some other projects which I could not do here. But if you want to write, participate in a growing community and be least bothered about technology, nothiing better than

Yesterday I received an email from one of my acquaintances about writing articles when I, again, asked him to start a blog. While reviewing the email I realised I had, again, not mentioned It is so implied because it has become synonymous to starting a blog!

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One Response to “Implicitly”

  1. vinu Says:

    true very true :-)
    BTW we should meet some time.

    I am taking a break from work i.e quit the current job.
    My number has changed. Don’t have cell as of now – but email and blog always exists.

    And for the latest phone number see the top right of my blog always.

    Hope your daughter is doing good now.

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