Getting Spammed

Got a ton of spam here with the comment Google is the best search engine. I hope everything is fine at Akismet. We cannot depend on anything else more!

Spam Filtering

Akismet had a DNS Outage. Of course, that is the reason so much span could get through, and so much of manual spam filtering was required. Akismet has become as crucial as the Web itself. Web would not be this efficient without tools like Akismet. Akismet is like the police, only quicker. Society would be a mess without them.

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This is something I noticed in two of my recent conversations about blogging. One of the attendees of my OOP training asked me that he wanted to form an archive of his own understandings. I said, of course, start a blog. When he asked me where, that is where I realised that I had stopped mentioning explicitly. I had stopped thinking about other places where a blog can be started, was implied. It offers so many things that other options seem inferior.

For starters, it is based on the excellent blogging platform WordPress, has excellent hosting quality, managed by the small-yet-efficient team of Automattic and has a lot of themes to choose from. The only other option is to host your blog by yourself where you have to arrange for your own domain name and hosting. It lets you focus on writing and not worry about a lot of other things like getting overloaded or backup. It pulls technology out of your way. I realised this when I moved my blog to self host it. The reasons behind that move included experiments and some other projects which I could not do here. But if you want to write, participate in a growing community and be least bothered about technology, nothiing better than

Yesterday I received an email from one of my acquaintances about writing articles when I, again, asked him to start a blog. While reviewing the email I realised I had, again, not mentioned It is so implied because it has become synonymous to starting a blog!

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WordPress – Past And Future

Matt Mullenweg’s interview with Blogging Pro might not have been the hyped up media event, but it gives some insights into his thoughts which will drive the future of WordPress. I really like when he says that

I don’t take competition too seriously, you have to do your own thing and not focus on other projects, but where services or features are particularly successful

There is also a very interesting link to the moment when WordPress was created. Very two powerful notions are projected from these:

  • Web is forever, it is one of the best archival systems where you will be able to find stuff for a long time, and even track it.
  • WordPress is an ideal example of open source movement. You can actually see collaboration between those comments and a common urge to build better software.

It will be really interesting to see where WordPress and head too. I personally feel, somewhere WordPress should look at integration into the enterprise world. However, the challenge here would be to do it without affecting the common WordPress user.

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Wordress Admin Changes can be usually considered as a preview of what is coming in the future WordPress versions. It carried a new dashboard today. It is faster, has lesser boxes and shows more information, like, weekly individual comments.

The problem with such a popular tool is that a lot of users have got too used to the older layout and there will be resistance. Scoble does not like it a lot. I like it! With Akismet working hard I don’t have to deal with spam a lot, so more comments are useful. Of course bloggers like Scoble might have a different story with spam because of the huge amount of traffic. But overall, I prefer this to the older one. Just that there is a slight feeling of nostalgia ;-)

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WordPress 2.0.5 Ready For You

WordPress 2.0.5 has been released. A recommended upgrade, it should make your blog easier and secure. Mark has the entire story.

Another story is it has been nicknamed Ronan, for the first WordPress baby, congratulations Ryan.

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You Don’t Own WordPress Name

If you are not Automattic. Lorelle explains why. Sometimes it is important to enforce restrictions to preserve authenticity.

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Not Only WordPress But Even

WordPress family now has a full bouquet of products. But its not only the tool, the is now offering all the services for hosting your blog. You can now have your own domain name for blog along with the CSS Upgrade feature. You can choose the VIP hosting if you expect high traffic on your blog. Full marks to the Automattic team which works behind the scenes on all this.

Six Apart and Google now have to face the competition on multiple fronts – the blogging tool as well as the blogging service.

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Random Quote WordPress Widget

I wanted to use the excellent WP-Quotes plugin for random quotes on my main blog. However it did not have a widget, so I made one. Note that it will require WP-Quotes to be installed.

I believe Dustin is planning to release the 2.0 version of the plugin which might include a plugin, so keep a tab on it. Till then feel free to use my version.

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Blog Anonymously

Ethan Zuckerman has setup a guide for blogging anonymously (via Lorelle On WordPress). The suggestions include using the free yet fantastic platform and Tor for anonymity. I think howmuchever a technology is good, there will always be technology that will break it. Probably the best way to blog anonymously is to blog from different places.

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