If you are thinking about how the blog or the content can improve, don’t hesitate, write them down. You are an important factor of this site and it will be great if you participate. Frank opinions will be appreciated. Even if you don’t have an opinion or want to meetup with me, send me a word. The contact form below is supposed to send your thoughts to me, so use it to the fullest!

If you have anything to say for a specific post, write a comment there. If you feel that this blog should include more categories or tags or the theme should change, drop me a line and I will reply.

I hope to change this site and myself for better through your feedback. You can get my personal information here.


2 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface » Blog Archive » My First Ever Post On Someone Else’s Blog Says:

    […] One more thing I want from this exercise is more feedback from the readers about my blogs. That is the only way I can improve myself. So, feel free to opine/comment/analyze/suggest/recommend (or any form of expression), I’ll be looking forward. […]

  2. durwin Says:

    I love this site. Good work…

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