That's Me!

I am a good friend at heart and a good engineer at work. I strongly believe that the only way one can excel is to do what one really likes to do. I do music for hobby and computers for work (sometimes hobby too!). I am fascinated by the way computers and software technology can be used to solve problems and improve the world.

I believe that there should be a business purpose to every bit(!) of software that is written.

I have worked in the software industry for about 8+ years. It has been mostly in application and systems programming domain, but for past 3 years I have been associated with web technologies. I got introduced to Content Management Systems and I have taken a liking to its concept rather than any of the specific products. I have been lucky to get introduced to multiple technologies at work and my personal research, which has enhanced by learning ability and so my confidence.

Technically I have worked on different flavours of C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, shell scripts (ksh is my favourite) on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, A-Series systems. I have developed affiliation to open source development and has brought me experience on different products like WordPress, eZ publish, Typo3, Zope & Plone, Joomla (community development split from Mambo). I am also working on a wonderful open source portal builder that is compliant to the latest JSRsStringbeans, through Nabh Information Systems, Inc. I believe that Object Oriented Programming and, more recently, Aspect Oriented Programming can pave the right path for software development.

I still feel that there is something not right in the software engineering in lots of places. Somehow the approach does not seem to be right, it is plagued by lots of limitations of money, technical skills (either by too less or too much of it), lack of application of process and methodology and a lot of times lack of purpose. I do have my own way of working, but I would reckon my contribution when I can put it across to the others.

I read a lot, majority of it online, there a lot of sites that I read everyday to power myself.

Currently I am in a freelancer mode, working on projects, trying to improve myself continuously and giving form to my idea. I have worked with companies like Tata Infotech Ltd., Moneyline Telerate Inc., Siemens Information Systems Ltd. It has brought me rich experience which I hope will keep gathering more wealth :-)

You can reach me at anadgouda <at> gmail <dot> com, you can also contact me on Ryze or LinkedIn.

Copyright Abhijit Nadgouda.


One Response to “Author”

  1. Alex Bunardzic Says:

    Hi Abhijit,

    I must apologize profusely for inadvertently deleting your comment to my post “Why Dig When You Can Know?”. I was fighting spam and did some massive deletes, and unfortunately your comment ended up being the unintended victim :(

    If at all possible, could you try and repost your excellent point? I’d like to reply.

    Sorry again… and cheers!


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