WordPress – Past And Future

Matt Mullenweg’s interview with Blogging Pro might not have been the hyped up media event, but it gives some insights into his thoughts which will drive the future of WordPress. I really like when he says that

I don’t take competition too seriously, you have to do your own thing and not focus on other projects, but where services or features are particularly successful

There is also a very interesting link to the moment when WordPress was created. Very two powerful notions are projected from these:

  • Web is forever, it is one of the best archival systems where you will be able to find stuff for a long time, and even track it.
  • WordPress is an ideal example of open source movement. You can actually see collaboration between those comments and a common urge to build better software.

It will be really interesting to see where WordPress and WordPress.com head too. I personally feel, somewhere WordPress should look at integration into the enterprise world. However, the challenge here would be to do it without affecting the common WordPress user.

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