Merging Blogs

I had started a separate blogcode::gallery dedicated to my love for coding. I wanted to keep this blog for an higher perspective of the software development field, without getting into the implementation, hence a separate blog. I had started it on the service so that I could get the benefits of WordPress and get to create my own theme there. However, recently I have started having troubles and I don’t have enough time to troubleshoot and pursue the matters. I still want to write about coding, so it will happen here under the category programming. I don’t have many posts there, so I will move them here over next week, with a message that they have been already published.

I cannot say I have had a bad experience with, but having this blog on has spoilt me and reduced my tolerance :-).

If you feel that you don’t want to read about the programming posts, you can subscribe to this feed which does not include the posts under programming category. Head over here for more customization.

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  1. code::gallery :: Merging With Main Blog :: July :: 2006 Says:

    […] This blog has been merged with my main blog. […]

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