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I have not been reading too much into the blogosphere lately, I had been focusing more on the technical stuff than the blogging itself. I kept postponing it because of the standard excuse (uh, no time, in case you were not aware of standardised excuses). Anyway I came around doing it with my contribution to Lorelle’s blogging challenge. And came across some new things buzzing in the blogoshpere. So here is a roundup.

The invention of freedbracking is one more way of filtering the feedbacks from the customers. It stands for free feedback which should be immensely useful to developers. If any of the feedbacks can find their way in the roadmaps then the customers know they are being heeded. If not then they should be explained, and nothing better than a blog to do that.

Dell rising by finally picking up blogging and falling in a pit because of a comment was a climax and anti-climax. Frankly I don’t think Dell should be considered responsible for comment by an over-zealous employee (or tobe).

A psychology PhD lost her job with an university over some nasty comments. Dana Pico has come up with Bloggers’ Code Of Ethics (via The Blogging Journalist). I think a code of ethics will be an overkill, the fun in the blogging is partly because of its recklessness, informality and spontaneous (and emotional) discussions. Sometimes this might result into an undesirable situation, but then all of us should go back to the basics of blogging to handle some nasty comments.

I stay in Mumbai (Bombay) which faced terrorism and flooding due to torrential rains in the same week. During these times communication is very important and the phone networks are usually jammed. During these times of crisis The Mumbai Help Blog served as the communication hub. This was pleasantly surprising as blogging is still not as popular. What do you know, blogs do serve a purpose!

Robert Scoble has come up with concept of the human Web which he predicts will be the future of Internet. I completely agree that even if companies have adopted blogging they have failed to put people behind them. I guess it is true about any dialogue that it should be carried out between humans for a productive outcome. However, for the human web to be completely successful, it has to be still simplified. Web is still a technology and is hence limited. The best definition of technology I have found is something that has not worked yet. Web should no more be termed technology to engage more humans.

Last but not the least, Forrester has ranked (via Sadagoppan) different blogging platforms with WordPress just below iUpload’s Customer Conversation System and Six Apart’s Movable Type.

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