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This is a little late, but here it is, as a part of the blogging challenge set by Lorelle. In my case it is very simple to answer this question – software. This is my area of work, expertise and passion, and I feel most confident blogging about it.

Blog What I Know

As the challenge demands here I am bragging shamelessly about myself. I am good at understanding software, understanding its place in the real world. I am an expert at finding out what you need, recommending what you should use and providing what you can use. Software development is not only about the technology, it is about solving a problem, within given constraints and limits, with expected performance and results. I am good at achieving this delicate balance and providing the optimal solution.

I think the Web is unnecessarily and overly hyped and fitted in every single opportunity which has 2 millimeters of space free. I am good at finding out if it fits the bill, if it is required, if it is justified. If not, neither is the cost for it. I think the desktop is extremely complicated for the common man, it should be simpler and still simpler. The right applications of the web and desktop or web+desktop can make life easier. I think usability is underrated in software development whereas it should sit there right on the top along with the jewel in the crown. I am good at identifying this.

I think software should be used right to be useful. However great and usable the software is, it is rendered useless if not used in the right way. I understand this and make sure that the users understand this too.

It is important to understand and accept software as a solution closer to the real life, that we live. Only then will it be able to impact and improve our everyday life. I had read somewhere that technology is something that has not worked yet, anything else that works breaks the barrier of being a technology. Software is still a technology, but it is important for you, the user to participate and contribute in breaking the barrier.

And I am going to blog about all this here.

However, blogging has introduced me to new things, which I cannot brag about today but I feel it should be mentioned here.

Know What I Blog

As days have passed I have realised that blogging itself has become a source of knowledge for me. I try to do my personal research and gather facts and figures before I write. I have started keeping a tab on lot many things which has improved my perception and understanding. That is why in addition to blog what I know I have started abiding by the rule know what I blog. The subject of software is so dynamic and vast that blogging is quite a refreshing way of staying uptodate as well as keeping in touch with the basics. The ability to communicate with other peers in the same field and start discussions with them, without the physical boundaries of countries or industries, will probably give me more chances of bragging in future.

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4 Responses to “What I Know”

  1. Lorelle VanFossen Says:

    “Know what I blog”.

    EXCELLENT. Virtual standing ovation!

    Again, you amaze and dazzle me. Brilliant, totally brilliant. Thank you!

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words Lorelle.

  3. vishwas Says:

    Excellent .Brilliant ..

  4. Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface » Around Blogosphere Says:

    […] I have not been reading too much into the blogosphere lately, I had been focusing more on the technical stuff than the blogging itself. I kept postponing it because of the standard excuse (uh, no time, in case you were not aware of standardised excuses). Anyway I came around doing it with my contribution to Lorelle’s blogging challenge. And came across some new things buzzing in the blogoshpere. So here is a roundup. […]

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