m is a WordPress query string variable which can be used to request posts posted at a certain time. It is parsed in the method get_posts() of wp_query.

m allows specifying the time upto the second. Its format is yyyymmddhhmmss, where

  • yyyy: year
  • mm: month number
  • dd: day of the week
  • hh: hour
  • mm: minute
  • ss: second

In short, m can be used to query posts with a specific timestamp. As an example, https://iface.wordpress.com/?m=200607031745 returns the posts posted on 3rd July 2005 @ 17:45. Of course all the fields are not compulsory, you can request the posts posted in July 2005 by using https://iface.wordpress.com/?m=200607.

There is some redundancy as other query string variables like year, monthnum, day, hour, minute and second can be achieved to the same effect.

The plugin developers need not access this global variable since this is purely a query string variable.

Back to full list of global variables.

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