My First Ever Post On Someone Else’s Blog

Look at this! Well, not much, a post by me, about me, but on The Blog Herald. Thanks Matt for the opportunity, it felt good!

I am sure, for many of you this might not be something novel, but for me – a newbie blogger – it is a very satisfying feeling. A feeling that more people will read what I write, and of course that I will get more exposure. I have learnt a lot from the How I Blog series. It provided a chance to read about how others write, how they motivate themselves to write. Some of the posts have even seeded some ideas in my mind.

Since this piece I have expanded my reading list and have started using coComment to track my conversations. As I have mentioned in the post, I want to start blogs on a lot more topics but cannot fully commit to all of them. For now, I have started two blogs for now, however they are in beta, as I have not been able to define a schedule or pattern for them.


code::gallery is for my love of coding and programming. This blog is looks at the bigger picture of software development, but coding is still a dear topic to me. Lot of times the code design is not acknowledged and implemented. The posts on this blog will highlight the importance of code design in writing good software. I created this on because I wanted some control on the theme to make it more appropriate for reading code. Currently it is sporting a theme designed by yours truly.

This is my other weblog. My main weblog is Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface. Starting this blog was really an impulsive decision. I love coding, I think it is not just a mechanical task. It is the aspect of software engineering that is closest to art. Coding is not only about syntax, a good code requires much wider knowledgescape. I will try to portrait it here in this blog.

I am also a language (of course programming language!) lover, I love learning new languages. I also like to analyze and come up with scenarios when ceratin languages are applicable. This has come from my understanding that programming language should never be the hindrance, rather the right programming language should be chosen for the job. I personally think, that a good programmer should always know more than one language, it brings in the other perspective.

The Two Bay Areas

The Two Bay Areas is about Mumbai and San Francisco. My experiences in both the places, comparisons between them will come out of this blog as an effort to improve Mumbai – to make it a better place. Mumbai should not be San Francisco, every city has its own color and value, but it can definitely adapt some of the ideas. This blog is hosted on Blogger for no specific reason – just because! But it is definitely fun to use more than one blogging tools, makes you appreciate the finer things.

Todate, I have lived my life in the two most popular bay areas in the world – Mumbai (Bombay) and San Francisco. I know the latter is called the bay area, Mumbai is not much different in what nature has given. The difference is how we humans have treated them. As naive as I am, I cannot help but compare the two. Through this comparison I want to bring out the good and bad in both the places, adopt the goods that we can and change aamchi Mumbai for better. I would like to know your opinions; and your contributions are welcome.

I have been blabbering about this to a lot of people, but haven’t been able to reach many yet. This is my second attempt at it, this time through writings instead of mouth. Hopefully the result will be different!

One more thing I want from this exercise is more feedback from the readers about my blogs. That is the only way I can improve myself. So, feel free to opine/comment/analyze/suggest/recommend (or any form of expression), I’ll be looking forward.

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One Response to “My First Ever Post On Someone Else’s Blog”

  1. Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface » Merging Blogs Says:

    […] I had started a separate blog – code::gallery dedicated to my love for coding. I wanted to keep this blog for an higher perspective of the software development field, without getting into the implementation, hence a separate blog. I had started it on the service so that I could get the benefits of WordPress and get to create my own theme there. However, recently I have started having troubles and I don’t have enough time to troubleshoot and pursue the matters. I still want to write about coding, so it will happen here under the category programming. I don’t have many posts there, so I will move them here over next week, with a message that they have been already published. […]

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