Share Your OPML And My Blogshelf

Share Your OPML (SYO) is a pet project of Dave Winer. OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is a heirarchical and ordered list of arbitrary elements. Here is the Wikipedia entry. SYO is aims at being commons for sharing outlines, feeds and taxonomy.

Subscriptions Like Mine

I have written earlier how I encrich my blogshelf by reading what others read. I have discovered some fantastic sites and blogs through this. I agree with Phil that the best way to do this is by reading their the blogrolls. However, this will work only if you know whom to visit. I would like to know what “others” like me read. I think SYO can help a lot here. That is why, in my opinion, the best feature of SYO is “Subscriptions like Mine”. I can read what others read using this. I would like to extend this by providing a feed for the OPMLs of subscriptions like mine. Then I will be intimated as soon as someone starts reading some new site/blog. It would be great to also include a search, so that someone could search for a feed by its name or its taxonomy.

Manage OPML

One other feature I would like to see is to manage an atomic OPML entry, instead of handling the OPML files. The basic reason being that usually the OPML is generated by the feed aggregators. However, there are some sites which do not offer feed subscription and they cannot be entered here. I would like to see SYO address OPML rather than just that of feeds (yes, there are still some sites which don’t offer feeds for subscription). I like Matt‘s suggestion of OPML normalization service.

I like feeds. I am not degrading or discounting the website design, but feeds do save time. I, as a reader, gather articles using feeds, and visit the sites regularly. I am sure others have given their opinions and suggestions, I will look forward to an evolving SYO.

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