Open Management Consortium

The open source drive has brought together certain systems management vendors to form the Open Management Consortium (OMC) (via The Register). The founding members are

This is not just a group, but a group of products which work well with each other. This group highlights interoperability and collaboration between different tools. This is different from the current systems management domain which is marred with vendor lock-ins and a good amount of expenditure. The OMC can provide an effective alternative to this approach. The systems management domain includes various sub-applications, like network monitoring, fault analysis and recovery, UIs. When all of these work together irrespective of the vendor, a customer can build the systems management application using these sub-applications from different vendors.

Open Standards

Open source movements have led to creation of open standards in various domains, open source has spread to even the non-software domains. In the systems management domain this can cause a revolution as was the case with Content Management Systems and office suites. Conformance to open standards enables interoperability that drive down the power of individual vendors and give a wider choice to the customer. The consortium also plans to design several integration paths to exchange data with other proprietary systems.

Business Model?

What is not clear today, is the business model that will be available to the members of this consortium. The group has to grow stronger to be reckoned as a force in the industry, and that can happen only if it provides a viable business model to its members. The group should also form strategies for group marketing so that new and upcoming products can also join this group. It should be managed well to avoid competition within the group and to give a singular and clear vision and hence direction.

Whether open source changes the demographics of the systems management domain will depend on his group entirely, only time will tell.

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