What’s On Your Blogshelf?

Admittedly, my paper reading has reduced quite a bit since I have started reading weblogs and online forums. There are no regrets, the blogs have provided the niche information which sometimes even books miss out on. In fact, nowadays, I come to know about books through my reading of blogs. Additionally, the discussoins about books through blogs have provided a new dimension to the reading.

Sometimes, blogs by book authors (Malcolm Gladwell, Freakonomics blog) continue to provide more post-book insight. Then there are Literary blogs, Creative Writing blogs, blogs about books, the news blogs and various more types. I have a lot of blogs on software engineering subjects in my blogroll.

The list of my blogs has increased dramatically over last few months. The list has grown not only because I have come across good blogs, but also because I am reading blogs in the blogroll of those good blogs. I would have appreciated if there was a feed available for blogrolls. Ofcourse, ther is the OPML format and BlogRolling web service, but feeds are really comfortable.

My reading list has grown so much that it is now pretty close to the size of my bookshelf, so I have removed it from my sidebar and dedicated a page to it, called blogshelf. WordPress provides feeds for pages, so feed from this page can be used to keep a track of my blogshelf :-).

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One Response to “What’s On Your Blogshelf?”

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    […] These would not have mattered some years back, but today there are blogs on all subjects and some of them warrant a better format than text. […]

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