More on Corporate Blogging has an article illustrating how Blog Buzz Helps Catch Trends in the Making. Tracking the blog buzz has helped companies understand the customers’ thought process and has revealed emergence of trends early on. This increases the stake of Corporate Blogging in understanding the market and taking effective actions.

Following online conversations is the latest attempt by companies to grapple with the growing clout of their customers. Empowered by the Internet, consumers can broadly express their skepticism of brand icons, demand the lowest prices and mobilize for action. In recent years, many companies have tried to influence consumers by generating their own favorable word of mouth. But measuring sentiment expressed in cyberspace — whether provoked or not — has always been difficult. The high-powered new technologies aim to fill in the missing pieces by searching, tabulating and assessing Internet postings.

Cyberspace has become a powerful source of information about what customers think, what they want and what they will pay for. The online word of mouth not only helps in analyzing the current situation but also becomes a factor in composing the future strategy. As mentioned in the article, various companies are looking at blogs, forums, Internet social networks for feedback from customers. It helps them prepare better for doubts or skepticism that customers have or their wishlist resulting in better and better marketing.

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  1. Should Business Professionals Blog? on iface thoughts Says:

    […] There have been various instances of businesses leveraging blogs to their benefits. Like using them to attract prospective employees, building communities or catching on to the trends in the market earlier. […]

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