End of Blogging?

Slashdot.org has a post about a second look at blogging by Jason Fry. It was triggered by an editorial in Chicago Tribune about the beginning of fall of blogging.

Jason Fry makes a fair argument to say that fading of blogging as business does not mean end of blogging itself. He also addresses the fact what Eric Zorn has very assertively put across – that blogs are simply getting more and more amalgamated in to rest of the internet. Readers don’t realise that they are reading a blog as it has become difficult to identify blogs as separate from other websites. At some places blogs have evolved into something else – a news service, a diary or a medium of debate.

I think this really talks about the basic function of a blog – to publish information and allow debates over it. Why will this not work? Like Jason Fry says that its popularity might not be turning into profits directly, but there are numerous advantages; some are mentioned in Corporate Blogging. Companies, through their blogs, have been able to reach the customer directly, without a middleman, and customers have been able to reciprocate to it by active participation. Intra-company blogging has increased collaboration and productivity among employees. Even individually, it serves as a good record of information, this value cannot be judged by hits on it. Value of the information itself does not increase or decrease with the number of people reading it.

A blog, because of its nature, has increasingly made it convenient to publish informaton on subjects, and read and discuss them. This can evolve into something else tomorrow, but the concept of a blog will never fail.

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4 Responses to “End of Blogging?”

  1. sukhi Says:

    Why would something that democractises the publishing medium, like discussion boards democractised the internet(not a very apt eg., anyhow) go down?

    blogs give a voice to the (wo)man on the street to say something – and that is powerful. S/He may just right about their latest crush, toothbrush or whatever, but blogs enable them to network. And that will never go out of fashion.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda Says:

    Blogging is getting so popular and common that it does not stand out from rest of the internet anymore. Some people see this as vanishing, bad for them!

  3. sukhi Says:

    well, IMO, whenever things get accepted as being mainstream, they tend to become a way of life.

    I dunno if you’re saying that or the opposite.

  4. Abhijit Nadgouda Says:

    :-) Yes, I am saying the same thing.

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