Interesting Plugins For WordPress

I have come across some interesting plugins for WordPress, which are not always for core functionality or high priority, but they provide value in the niche areas.

Word Statistics Plugin

The primary purpose of this plugin is to show readability statistics about the post currently being edited. It does this by modifying the post editing screen to show a brief line of statistics beneath the quicktags bar.

Word Statistics plugin for WordPress Screenshot

Word statistics plugin performs readability analysis. Readability analysis is an attempt to show how difficult a text is to read. It uses two most popular methods to do so:

Flesch methods give a percentage score – higher the value, better readability. Whereas Gunning-Fog test gives a numerical score that is the number of years of education the reader must have completed to understand the text.


WP-Quotes picks up random quotes from a repository and lets you display anywhere in your template. The quotes are stored in a database and a polished admin interface is provided to handle the quotes. It provides features like disabling certain quotes without deleting them and displaying the quote using CSS, so you can control it completely. In addition to this you can pick up specific quotes or all the quotes.

Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin

This plugin will make your blog accessible only to logged in users.

This means that all the users will have to login to read your blog, including the searchbots! So Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be really affected by it. I wonder if a middle path can be created where excerpts are visible to everyone but full posts require logins.

Google Sitemap Generator

This plugin generates a Google Sitemaps compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog.

Google Sitemaps is a guide for the Google searchbot to navigate and crawl our website. This plugin provides extreme customizability by letting you choose each and every aspect of the sitemap generation, right from the frequency to priority of posts depending on their comments to creating compressed sitemaps.

Audio Player Plugin

Once installed, this plugin allows you to insert mp3 audio files into your posts and pages. Use the following syntax:


It inserts a flash player and loads the specified MP3 file. A good enabler for podcasting through WordPress.

There are probably many more, but that will be another post!

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One Response to “Interesting Plugins For WordPress”

  1. peg Says:

    You selected some interesting ones. Thanks for the handy list.

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