mobileGlu – Feeds For Mobiles

I had thought FeedTree was enough food to digest, and there comes some more. A post Slashdot regarding RSS, flickr and on mobile.

A new service has just launched that acts as a hub between the mobile and popular Web services like flickr,,, mobloguk and RSS feeds.

MobileGlu allows mobile users to subscribe to their online accounts, and the system will grab the data, optimise it for the mobile and will allow the user to view their online data using a java phone application.

mobileGlu claims to optimise data for mobiles automatically. So, some more non-visitor readers for your blog sites!

Personally, I hate using mobiles for anything other than talking. Typing on the mobile especially is a big problem when you are used to a 101/102 keys keyboard. An advantage of this new service I see, is that some non-computer fans might need less convincing to take to surfing and blogging.

What mobileGlu claims is that it reads data from online services, caches it and provides it on mobiles. Feeds dedicated for mobile clients?

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