FeedTree – Feeds Over P2P

Have you ever felt that your RSS client got the news just a little late? This typically happens because the RSS clients poll the feeds, and the polling happens over an interval, typically half an hour. The solution to this lies in FeedTree.

FeedTree brings news feed updates to users, instead of the other way around. FeedTree users work together to share the latest Web feed updates. News arrives immediately, instead of on a polling schedule, making RSS as instantaneous as e-mail.

FeedTree uses distributed bandwidth to push news to the readers to enable collaborative micronews delivery. It is a push model rather than a pull model. The RSS news is distributed using peer-to-peer multicast. To make it secure, FeedTree enables the publishers to push digitally signed updates to news feeds.

FeedTree For Users: This illustration shows how it works for the users. Users can download FeedTree Client. Because of peer-to-peer multicast, you get to see an update along with any other subscriber. It does not depend on the ability of your newsreader’s polling.

FeedTree For Publishers: The push model saves bandwidth for the publisher, as every subscriber does not keep on polling the server. And peer-to-peer multicast ensures faster and guaranteed delivery of updates.

Technical Information

FeedTree is a research project at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA.

FeedTree is built using Java atop the self-organizing Pastry overlay network. It uses the Scribe group communication system to efficiently multicast updates to RSS and Atom feeds

FeedTree WordPress Plugin

A FeedTree WordPress plugin is available. It adds necessary FeedTreePublisher security information to all your WordPress 2.0+ RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds. By augmenting your feeds with information about your signing certificate, users of the FeedTreeProxy will be able to verify the authenticity of your signed feed entries.

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