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Tagging is an inherent part of blogging. You not only write but also tell people its associations. This is pretty convenient for the readers, but not very convenient for me as a blogger. Initially, including the tags was manual, then Lorelle’s Tagging Bookmarklet article showed a better way of doing it. It also points to a couple of GreaseMonkey scripts for Mozilla Firefox users.

Today I came across a post about Yahoo! Term Extractor API by Nate Koechley. This can result into something that will not only benefit the readers but also the bloggers. In addition to ensuring that no terms are missed, it can fully automate discovery of related posts/articles on tag-based services like Technorati. And coming from Yahoo! it is very much usable in PHP, and so compatible with WordPress!?


Term extraction is currently offered as a web service by Yahoo!. This means that we can now programmatically submit the content of our post to this web service and get back terms in our post. For example, in WordPress we can do this on the publish_post action. Since the identification of terms has been delegated to the Term Extractor web service, it is completely automated. Once we get these we can now tell the different tag-based services, which can be another web service, to associate the post with those terms. Its power is in the automation of the entire activity of tagging a post.

To be able to carry this out, we have to get an applicaton ID, using which Yahoo! web services can identify us, and then use Representational State Transfer (REST) to form query to submit our content to the Term Extractor web service. The output is in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. We can then parse this reply and submit the tags to the tag-based services.

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2 Responses to “Term Extractor For Tags”

  1. Lorelle VanFossen Says:

    The Term Extractor sounds great. I’ll take a look at it, but can you explain how to get it to work with wordpress.com blogs? That will help us understand it’s “power”.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda Says:

    Lorelle, I have updated the post to answer your question.

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